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Laundry chemicals, washing powder

Premium laundry and cleaning products  

Contact us to discuss the best products for your laundry requirements and our products optimal use



AMC-100  Suitable for home or laundromat use. Contains enzymes, optical brightening agent (OBA), and               a light citrus fragrance (10, 25 kg)

AMC-150  Industrial strength washing powder (25 kg)

AMC-150 OXY  Industrial strength washing powder with colour safe bleach and low temp activator (25 kg)

AMC-200S  Industrial strength washing powder formulated for heavy soiled engineering work (25 kg)    

AMC-T3ZYME  An enzyme detergent for organic soiling in hospitals, hotels, butcheries (25 kg) 


AMC-ORGANIC BLEACH  Powder chlorine bleach for harsh stain removal (25 kg)

AMC-ORGANIC BLEACH E  Powder chlorine bleach for light stain removal (25 kg)

AMC-PEROXIDE BLEACH  Liquid colour-safe bleach (25, 200 l)

AMC-PERACETIC ACID  Liquid colour-safe bleach and disinfectant for low temperature washing (25, 200 l)


AMC-PROSOLV  Liquid degreaser for heavy soiled oils and grease (25 l)

LIQUID DOSING - to be used with our dosing units 

AMC-SUPERDET  One shot liquid laundry detergent (25 l)

AMC-LIQ DET  Liquid laundry detergent for use with liquid alkaline (25 l)

AMC-LIQ ALK  Liquid laundry alkaline for use with liquid detergent (25 l)

AMC-CHLORINE BLEACH  Liquid chlorine bleach for stain removal on white linen (25 l)


AMC-ALK POWDER  Alkaline powder, for use with 200s for very heavily soiled linen (25 kg)


AMC-FABRICSOFT  A lightly fragranced softener (5, 25, 200 l)

AMC-SOFT SOUR Our softener with added sour (5, 25, 200 l)


AMC-SOUR  Reduce the alkalinity in your rinse and increase the rinsability of detergents (5,                                                          25, 200 l)

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