What laundry equipment do I need


Washing machines vary greatly in their load capacity (8 - 200 kg), functionality, and build quality. For a small laundromat a simple top or front loading machine is fine. For more commercial work an industrial machine more than 20 kg in load capacity is recommended. Industrial washer extractors are either hard mount or soft mount meaning that they either need to be bolted to the floor or are free standing. Hard mount machines are capable of producing up to 200 G of extraction force during their spin. Soft mount machines have a suspension system and are capable up spinning up to 400 G, therefore the laundry comes out with far less water and requires much less time and energy to dry. Soft mount is also needed for a suspended floor (anything above ground level).


The control boards of machines also vary in quality and functionality. A good control interface can help you adjust water levels, spin speeds, heating, and cycle lengths to the optimum for each kind of textile. Inverter driven machines save energy.


Your washer is considered the heart of the laundry and it is worth spending a bit more for a machine that will save you time, lower your energy and water consumption, and is reliable. Reputable brands can last up to 20 years with care and maintenance. A R15,000 saving now could cost you much more than double in three years time so consider your machine choice carefully.



Like washer extractors dryers vary in their load capacity and build quality. The latest designs include humidity sensors to prevent over drying delicate items, reversing drums to improve drying efficiency of large items, and are inverter driven to lower energy consumption. A well built dryer like the Tolon TD-20 will last for many years and features all the latest designs.


Small laundromats often make use of commercial hand irons that are more robust than domestic irons. These irons are capable of generating their own steam from a water tank or from a small boiler.

Flat work ironers come in a variety of options from simple single roller 1.8 m length electric or oil heated ironers to multi roller steam heated ironers complete with automated folders.

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