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1.       These terms and conditions apply in all instances where any goods and/or services are supplied by Professional Laundry Solutions and Equipment (Pty) Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “PLS”) to another party (hereinafter referred to as “the Client”).

2.       The following schedules also form part of this agreement:

3.       Annexe A – Delivery, Installation, and Commissioning.

4.       Annexe B – Warranty Conditions.

5.       No other terms or amendments shall be valid unless contained in writing and signed by both parties.

6.       Any quote accepted shall result in a binding agreement.

7.       Whilst PLS shall take reasonable measures to effect timeous delivery of any goods or services, delivery times cannot be guaranteed and time shall not be of the essence.

8.       Risk of any goods supplied shall pass on delivery to client, if PLS is responsible for delivery, or if the client is using it’s own transport, when such goods are delivered to the transporter.

9.       Ownership of any goods supplied shall only pass once the payment has been made in full.

10.     Prices quoted by PLS do not include any taxes or levies, delivery or installation / commissioning and the client may not apply any set-off to reduce a payment value.

11.     The client expressly agrees that PLS shall not be liable for any loss or damage, howsoever arising and indemnifies PLS, it’s agents and servants against any claim made by any party against PLS, it’s agents or it’s servants.

12.     Neither party shall incur liability by failing to fulfil any obligation, if such failure is as a result of force majeur, acts of God, fire accident or governments acts.



    1. Unless otherwise stated in writing, Goods shall be delivered to the Client at the Client’s sole cost including but not limited to machine moving and rigging

    2. Off-loading of delivery vehicles is the responsibility of the Client.

  1. Installation and commissioning

    1. Installation is made to within 1m of services provided.

    2. Installation and commissioning is for labour only and excludes: electrical cable, drain hoses, water hoses, other installation materials or associated infrastructure, travel and accommodation.

    3. Installation and commissioning includes training on the fundamentals of the equipment use and operation as per the conditions of warranty. Additional training hours to bring a worker to a level of competence is for the Client’s account.



  1. Used Laundry Equipment

    1. Used laundry equipment is not covered under any warranty unless stipulated in writing.

    2. Used laundry equipment is sold “voetstoots” and the seller is absolved of any liability for any latent or patent defect.

    3. A list of defects accompanies each machine, however this list is not exhaustive and the seller is absolved of any faults detected at a later stage.

  2. Warranty Limited To Parts Only. Warranty coverage begins upon initial invoice date regardless of when the unit becomes operational.

  3. What This Limited Warranty Covers And For How Long

    1. The manufacturer will credit, repair or replace free of charge, any part which fails as a result of a structural defect in material during the warranty period of one year.

    2. On each machine, there is a serial plate that states the model and serial number. These information will be the unique key for all further communication. Without this necessary information, all further action for warranty will be voided.

    3. The relevant warranty periods for the brands we supply are as follows: Tolon washers - 3 years, Tolon dryers - 1 years, Primus - 2 years

  4. Limited Warranty Coverage Overview

    1. Warranty coverage begins from the date of invoice, regardless of when the unit is put into operation.

    2. Warranty coverage is limited to product failures which are the result of a defect in material or workmanship. Repairs due to abuse, misuse, transportation damage, improper servicing, by inadequate or improper installation, exposure to the elements, consequential or incidental damages are not covered under this limited warranty.

    3. The limited warranty obligation covers the replacement of defective parts only. Shipping charges are not covered under the terms of the warranty.

    4. The manufacturer does not recommend that conversions which alter the design of the machine should be performed on the equipment. Any such modifications will void the warranty.

    5. Under terms of the distributor’s agreement with the manufacturer, all authorized distributors are required to cover any labour for repairs to a Client’s equipment for a minimum of 30 days after the installation date

    6. In the event parts fail under terms of the applicable warranty, credit note will be issued upon receipt of a completed warranty claim.

    7. The warranty of the parts is either one-year or the remaining warranty duration of the complete machine, whichever is longer.

  5. Warranty Transfer .

    1. The product warranty on the manufacturer’s equipment is not transferable.

  6. Freight Damaged Product.

    1. All products are shipped “FOB origin” meaning that loss or damage claims are the responsibility of the buyer.

    2. Freight damage is not covered under warranty.

  7. Out Of Warranty Terms And Conditions

    1. Any loss or damage occasioned by the following is expressly excluded from the warranty and PLS shall not under any circumstances be liable for such damage/losses:

    2. Faults caused by the user.

    3. Faults caused by using inappropriate products

    4. Faults caused by plumbing and lime, metal pieces that enter to the laundry and other foreign materials.

    5. Faults of electrical installation.

    6. High voltage, low voltage and sudden voltage changes.

    7. Faults caused by not following warning labels and instructions.

    8. Faults caused by not following the instructions while transporting the product.

    9. Interference by unauthorized personnel.

    10. Using unoriginal spare parts.

    11. The various damages caused by defects, which are not reported on time.

    12. Not respecting the maintenance plan according to the manual.

    13. Not sending the Control List to the manufacturer, which will be filled out by the authorized personnel.

  8. Warranty Procedure Upon Delivery

    1. A proper eye examination must be made when the product is delivered. In case of detecting a defect, the warranty procedure must be applied as following before unloading the equipment from the freight.

    2. The defected section/s of the product must be photographed from different perspectives.

    3. The authorized service contractor must be immediately contacted and it must be ensured that an official report is prepared.

    4. The Insurance Company must be informed. If this procedure cannot be carried out it may cause the product to become OUT OF WARRANTY.

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