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What kind of laundry do you envision

Laundries can be broken down into three main categories. You need to decide what type of laundry you want to do, with small laundromats and medium commercial laundries being realistic starter options:

1. Small laundromat either offering drop off and collect or coin operated self service machines. These are simple to operate and rely on walk in domestic costumers. Only basic equipment is needed to operate a laundromat. Machines can be around 10 kg capacity and only simple but robust hand irons are needed. This kind of store could also cross over into more commercial laundry offering services to small guest houses and restaurants. For anything more than peoples household clothing we recommend industrial equipment like the Tolon TWE-20 kg washer extractor.

2. Medium commercial laundries serve mainly the hospitality, health care and manufacturing sectors. These laundries operate industrial laundry equipment capable of heating water to the correct temperatures, provide the correct mechanical action, and take the correct chemicals needed to treat heavy soiled items. You'll need industrial equipment from 20 to 40 kg in capacity like the Tolon TWE-40 kg and  roller irons (1.6 - 2.0 m length) to quickly process large amounts of flat work. Vehicles for collection and delivery from clients is essential for this model.

3. Large commercial/industrial laundries also serve mainly hospitality, health care and the food and beverage sector but operate at a much larger scale. They can produce more than 10,000 pieces a day. Most large laundries will use washer extractors from 40kg to 200 kg or will operate tunnel washers that can process 40 to 60 kg of laundry every few minutes. These laundries usually have steam garment tunnel finishers, large (3.2 m in length) chest heated multi roller irons with automated folders, and even automatic towel and garment folders.

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