Water, power and space


Water is a crucial part of laundry. Water quality measures like water hardness, pH and iron content are important factors that will determine the types of chemicals you use and the quality of your service. We advise you work closely with us to tailor the correct chemistry to your water quality. We have your water tested and can advise on water treatment if necessary.

Water supply and pressure should also be considered and again we can recommend the correct volume and pressure that you require. Your plumber should work with us to ensure that no costly mistakes are made. We also work closely with our customers who choose to recycle, reduce or use alternative water sources like borehole or rain water.

Drainage of wash water needs to be carefully planned and we can suggest the best drain methods for any laundry type.


Most commercial equipment requires 380 Volt power and sufficient Amps. We recommend a minimum of 100 Amps available power to run a small laundry, considering a small dryer will have a connected load of 25 Amps.


We have seen successful laundromats run in areas as small as 50 square meters. Container style laundries are also a possibility where sufficient water and power connections will be available. We offer a CAD service when it comes time to planning your laundry layout. Double wide doors are almost always required for the delivery and installation of commercial equipment.